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Save when you go green. Ask us about energy efficiency rebate programs.

A Commercial Electrician in Winnipeg to Power Your Business

Find a commercial electrician in the Winnipeg area that can reliably power your business! An outage or other electricity problem can greatly impact your business’ success. From lost productivity caused by broken telecommunications to an uncomfortable retail space thanks to inadequate heating, you want your customers and employees to stay happy and to keep the business running.

When you call Slotin Electric, you can receive commercial electrician services such as:

Telecommunications installations

Wiring installations and upgrades

Electrical panel upgrades and switchboards

Variable frequency drives

Programmable logic controllers

Machine installations and wiring

Indoor and outdoor installations, repairs, and replacements

Lighting installations, repairs, and replacements for indoor and outdoor parking lots and parkades

Electrical work related to plant expansions and relocations

Commercial Electrician

As a commercial electrician in Winnipeg, we offer services for commercial, industrial, and institutional clients. If you have an electrical problem not listed here, please give us a call and we’ll see if we can help!

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