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Our Electrical Contractor Services in Winnipeg

If you’re looking for an electrical contractor in Winnipeg to service the mechanics in your home, from lighting to wiring to HVAC, you’ve come to the right place! Slotin Electric is a highly experienced and skilled electrical contractor serving the Winnipeg area that can also handle HVAC.

Electricity is a fundamental part of our everyday, modern life. Without it, you will definitely notice. While some people may be tempted to DIY their electrical problems, asking a professional trained in the right techniques is always strongly recommended. Electricity can be dangerous. You don’t want to endanger yourself or the people you care about, and you want to avoid making further mistakes that can cost you more in the future.

Our Services

We are an electrical contractor in Winnipeg that serves almost everyone, from homeowners to businesses to institutions.

For homeowners, we can install, repair, and replace common fixtures like water tanks, water heaters, AC units, and more. We can also get your furnace cleaned in time for winter.

For businesses, we can service your lighting systems, both indoor and outdoor, and upgrade your panels. Keep your business running with working electricity! For industrial and institutional clients, we can help with back-up power systems, switchboards and panels, programmable logic controllers, and even lend a hand with plant expansions and relocations.

Of course, we also offer mechanical services for HVAC, furnaces, gas lines, water tanks, and more.

These are just some of our services. Check out our individual service pages to get a more comprehensive list. Have questions? Contact us today!

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When Sparks Fly

Our modern homes run on electricity, so find a dependable electrician to fix yours if something goes awry.

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Power Your Business

Keep business open as usual with efficient and skilled commercial, industrial, and institutional services.

Climate Control

Maintain Climate Control

We can fix your AC units, furnaces, water heaters, and more for a more comfortable space.

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