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Save when you go green. Ask us about energy efficiency rebate programs.

We Offer More Than Electric Repairs in Winnipeg

These days, our comfort and wellbeing are dependent on multiple mechanical fixtures in our homes and workplaces. When a fixture fails, we are sure to notice, and it may even put a stop to the plans we have for the day. Whether it’s the hot water supply your wellbeing depends on or the pool heater you’ve invested in for leisure, we can help!

At Slotin Electric, our skills and expertise are not restricted to electric repairs in the Winnipeg area. We can also handle a range of mechanical services, such as HVAC and ductwork as well as gas lines. Contact us if you are experiencing problems with one of these features:

Air conditioning units

Boilers and hot water tanks

Gas and oil furnaces



Gas lines

HVAC systems

Duct and ductwork

Pool heaters

Water heaters, heating systems, and heat pumps

Air Conditioning Units

Don’t wait until it’s too hot or too cold! Get your HVAC systems and other mechanical fixtures repaired today. Contact Slotin Electric in Winnipeg for electric repairs and more.

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